& Majestic Mission Musical Theatre Society

Majestic Mission Musical Theatre SOCIETY (MMMTS)

The current cost of becoming a member of MMMTS is £55 for the year. There is an additional monthly fee of £50 for training (Joint Acting & Voice classes for both Stage, Film & TV) and then a show fee for those who appear on stage which will be required once your position in a production is confirmed (subject to change). Once you have successfully auditioned and paid your membership fee, if you maintain annual membership payments you will not be required to re-audition for any other future productions (unless you wish to audition for a principal role, or if a show requires a specific skill e.g. opera, tap dancing etc). With your annual membership, you will also receive professional headshot photos and the opportunity to be a part of our Talent Agency and with the aim to help secure auditions leading to paid work.

Majestic are well-established in both training in the performing arts world, as well as securing talent in both Theatre and Film & TV for both child and adults. We have performed musical theatre productions in prestigious theatres, and our productions have been described as ‘professional’ and are produced to an exceptional standard. Representation is available for those showing the level of ability required for our Talent Agency. We also distribute available castings to our Class Members which include roles for Theatre, Commercial, Television and Film Roles.

Here at Majestic, whether you would like to perform on stage in a leading role or as part of the ensemble, or if you’d prefer to work backstage with the stage crew, costumes, hair and makeup, either way – you will gain a wealth of experience, learn new skills and most importantly have heaps of fun and build new friendships. At Majestic across all platforms, whether that be the training academy, the agency, or the society, please know we pride ourselves on being a family, and everyone is extremely supportive of everyone else. Our training and rehearsals provide a friendly atmosphere where everyone supports each other.

Every single role within the society is crucial; you don’t need to be the leading role to be valued and appreciated at Majestic. There are supportive roles available on and off stage, all of which are important, and we would love to hear from you if you have a particular skill to support the society to grow and continue running and producing performances.


Audition information TBC.
All prospective on-stage members must complete an audition.  Auditions are held in a workshop style and are specifically for a show, not just generally to join the society. You will be required to sing solo and perform some basic movement along with some sides. The exception to this would be if a show required specific skills e.g. opera or tap dancing whereby the workshop would be tailored to the production.

All audition workshop dates will be announced on our website and social media platforms Instagram and Facebook.

Audition materials will be available (via password) to everyone who applies to audition.