Dance Classes

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Learn to Dance with MAPA

At the Majestic Academy of Performing Arts School, our mission is to provide every dancer with an inspiring, challenging, and fun dance education.

With our caring staff and professional instructors we educate our dancers in a disciplined yet positive and fun environment. Our goal is to help each dancer reach their fullest potential artistically, athletically, and personally.

The ability to introduce the love of something into a student’s life is a gift and a privilege. At the Majestic Academy of Performing Arts School we take that responsibility seriously. Our goal is to not just teach students to dance; we want to teach them to love the art of dance. All students who wish to learn to dance, have a place here at Majestic Academy of Performing Arts School. If they want to learn we’re here to teach.

At our studio we provide a quality dance education with a team of professional teachers who are committed to inspiring, training, and helping each dancer develop into the best dancer they can be.

Time table

Mini - Dance Class (3yrs - 5yrs)
Monday, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Junior - Street/Commercial (6yrs - 13yrs)
Monday, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Junior - Lyrical/Contemporary (6yrs - 25yrs)
Monday, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Junior - Technique Class (6yrs - 11yrs)
Wednesday, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm​​
Senior - Street/Commercial (12yrs - 25yrs)
Senior - Lyrical/Contemporary (12yrs - 25yrs)
Senior - Technique Class (12yrs - 25yrs)

Mini - Dance Class
(3yrs - 5yrs)​

We will be exploring a variety of dance styles in these classes, learning the technique of ballet, street and jazz dance in a fun and creative way.

The first 30 minutes will be ballet, with the remaining time focusing on street and jazz. Using all of their favourite songs from Disney films to the pop charts, this lively class is aimed at getting the best out of our young dancers.  We love to focus on developing dance performance skills such as rhythm, balance, flexibility, strength and using our imagination to start telling stories through movement. But most importantly we do this in a way where we can help your child grow in confidence, make friends for life and have fun all whilst learning! The Mini’s will take part in regular termly performances as well as a yearly show.

Junior - Street Commercial
(6yrs - 11yrs)

In this class our MAPA students will be learning to dance like the stars!​

Street and Commercial dance are the biggest styles used by choreographers within the Music Industry for music videos, television shows, festivals and concert tours. Our students will be learning the most up to date choreography in hip hop and commercial dance in a fun and welcoming environment. Developing their dance performance skills, we focus on strength, movement fluidity, timing, power and sass! This class is great for building skills in teamwork and developing confidence, self-belief and making life-long friends. Dancers attending this class will have opportunities to attend workshops from London choreographers and backing artists, as well as taking part in termly performances and our yearly show. We are also scouting in this class for dancers to join our Majestic Company Class which be an elite team of dancers to take part in competitions and performances around the UK

Junior - Lyrical / Contemporary
(6yrs - 11yrs)

This class is a perfect escape for dancers who love to tell a story through their movement.​

Contemporary and lyrical dance have grown in popularity throughout the last few years from exposure through television shows such as Got to Dance and The Greatest Dancer. The style can vary from strong, hard hitting movement to elegant, balletic steps, but it can always be said the performance will have a beautiful story alongside beautiful music. Whilst learning the technique of contemporary dance, our dancers will develop skills in teamwork, focus, confidence and acting. This class will explore dance imaginatively in a fun environment, allowing our dancers to confidently express themselves and discover their full movement capacity. We are also scouting in this class for dancers to join our Majestic Company Class which be an elite team of dancers to take part in competitions and performances around the UK

Junior - Technique Class
(6yrs - 11yrs)

Within this class our dancers will develop their technical dance ability, focusing on the core foundations of dance within Ballet and Jazz

To improve in any dance style it is important to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals that make a good and versatile dancer. In this class our students will learn how to make the most of their bodies in a fun and exciting environment, with the help of some of our favourite tunes and new dance studio with mirrors and ballet barres. Working on our strength and stamina, this class is fantastic for keeping fit whilst developing the correct technique to fill our performances with kicks, leaps,